API documentation
Welcome to the API documentation page of

Here you'll find a way to export the data of this website to your application. Actually there is only a way to do it: XML files, I'll add soon JSON as soon as possible.
To get the data you need basically to add the next url as fixed and later you'll need to add the file type, and finally the action of you want to perform.

Basic url:
File types: xml or json (Actually only works xml)


Actions: invasionlist, pastinvasions/?cog_count=ROW_COUNT, totalinvasions, totalinvasionsv2, totalinvasionsskelecog, cogdata/?cog_id=COG_ID,districtlist, districtinfo/?district_id=DISTRICT_ID
* .sql file with the internal cog id's:

Example with the actions

Invasion list:
Past invasions:

You'll find all the information, about every action in the menu of above. API | Version 1.0